Straight to disc for your convenience.

In an increasingly digital age, where information is immediately at our fingertips, information in hard copy documentation can be difficult and be time-consuming to access. Document scanning provides a simple, reliable and cost effective solution to this challenge, meaning that both archive and current documentation is available digitally for those employees that need access to it.

As well as making the information more retrievable, it also makes it easier to search for what you need and to share with colleagues as needed. Given that hard copies also take up valuable office space, digitising these documents means that you can save money on floor space, and free up areas for more efficient usage.

A good document scanning company should also recycle your old hard copies, making your business more environmentally friendly.

Charing Cross Scanning is a friendly, family-run London based company that specialise in Document Scanning. We can help you save time, money and increase productivity by scanning your back archive and current documentation to become instantly accessible from a disc or hard drive.

We offer the following secure digital scanning services:

  • Document Scanning
  • Digital Archiving (scan to disc/hard drive)
  • Paper Archive Scanning
  • Paper scanning to disc/hard drive
  • OCR – Makes a PDF searchable
  • Scan to PDF or Word document
  • Large format scanning
  • Large or small volume scanning, no job is too big or too small
  • Invoice scanning
  • We pickup from your office, scan to disc or hard drive, return / dispose your documentation converting wasted space back into a usable area
  • We offer a fully flexible, friendly service to meet your needs

For further information or for a quote or a no obligation free trial call us on 0207 2405691

Email for more info:

1. Estimate and timescale provided

2. Site survey (if required)

3. We will collect documents from you

4. Document preperation and quality control.
We will provide a proof scan for you to check (optional)

5. Burn to CD/Hard drive

6. Return or dispose documentation and deliver the digital copy to you

For a site visit or for more information, why not email us?